• Strategize, recruit, onboard and retain specialized labor 
  • Staff Augmentation

When organizations do not have an optimized HR and talent acquisition strategy, they are at risk of hiring mediocre candidates or simply missing out on potential candidates available. This can result in high staff turnover, and a waste of money, time and resources. Amongst other factors, the staffing and sourcing costs, training and on-boarding costs, and lost time, can all impact the bottom line.

With our help, your organization will have the ability to rely on alternative sourcing channels beyond the traditional hiring methods and achieve a comprehensive approach to talent acquisition.

Periodically you’ll encounter a situation where you’ve defined a strategic project, but don’t have all of the staff resources available at the time to execute on the project. It can be easy to miss a key opportunity simply because of a lack of manpower. Should you find yourself faced with a temporary need for software expertise outside of your day-to-day team, The NOLA Group’s talent acquisition services are available.