Project Kickoff call with ADP
  • ADP Workforce Now (WFN) Introduction (solution review)
  • Introduce ADP team members
  • Introduce The NOLA Group team members
  • Define client team members and role(s)
  • Confirm milestones with project delivery dates and subject matter experts to be assigned. This will ensure accountability for project success as well as ensuring all key players with information needed for implementation are involved
Project Schedule
  • Security Master Call
  • Onsite Visit Preparations, if onsite assistance is required
  • Schedule weekly client status meetings
Due Diligence Materials
  • Review data conversion requirements
  • Logistics for each module
  • Provide ADP with company policies and plan documents
  • Provide ADP with legacy (current system) files
Begin risk analysis

Transition to Service

  • Assist client through 1st and 2nd live payrolls
  • Work through issue resolution
  • Ensure smooth transition from implementation to service team
  • Review close out items with ADP to ensure completion
  • Review close out items with client team to ensure completion
  • Close The Nola Group project with client sponsor
  • Respond to additional client issues and determine if SOW extension is needed




  • Discovery Workshop Meeting
  • Completion of client interview
  • Schedule meetings for Payroll, Tax and Banking, Time and Attendance, Interface, Reporting, Design, and Modeling
  • Paid Time Off policy collection and review
  • Client completes all training required/suggested
  • Benefit plan documents gathered and reviewed, carrier connections prerequisites
  • Client registration and employee self-service success discussion



  • Gathering of materials for portal posting, i.e. logo and company mission
  • Completion of Tax and Banking documents
  • Forms completed by client and returned to ADP
  • ACA required information gathered
  • PTO analysis is approved
  • Communication plan review
  • Security Master/role access



  • Masterfile/census data is provided for ADP Import
  • Dual Maintenance
  • Client provides employee benefit enrollment and dependent data