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Oil Services Industry | 3200 employees


We were presented a major issue when our company, 2500 ees, merged with another company of the same size and we had a 3-month timeframe to get all employees in our system. At the same exact time, we were also trying to bring in two small sister companies. We had to restructure all job titles and locations, configure new benefit plans, configure new pay polices, create weekly and bi-weekly pay groups, set up new EINs and the list continues. To add to all of this, we had only been live with Ceridian for 10 months, so we were still learning the system. We reached out to one of Ceridian’s partners, The NOLA Group. After making the phone call, the Managing Partner was in our office the next day ready to solve our problem. He had his team on the ground running the next week.



We took full advantage of the services NOLA had to offer from importing employees, to designing benefit plans, to creating new pay polices. One of their senior consultants assisted with our WFM and HR pieces, while two other consultants assisted on the Benefits side. The Managing Partner helped with all parts. The NOLA team not only helped build the templates out and completed the imports, but they also took the time to show me how to do these on my own and how to troubleshoot.

I also informed one of their senior consultants that one of our companies was using T-Sheets as their timekeeping provider and wanted to mirror what they were doing in T-Sheets and again, went above and beyond to execute exactly what we needed. He also created documents for our employees for a quick reference. Two other consultants had to build and configure completely new benefit plans from the ground up, test and execute and did this all extremely quick and accurate. There were weekly calls to track progress and issues, so we always knew exactly where we were in the project. Overall, I was more than pleased and I could not have been successful without the NOLA team.


The obvious benefit of partnering with NOLA is that you WILL see results, good results in a TIMELY manner. I feel as though they are on the client’s time and not their time. You can truly pick up the phone or send an email and they are on top of it. I truly believe the merger would not have been successful without this team and their abundant knowledge of Dayforce. They all go above and beyond the request and want to see you succeed.