LL Flooring

Retail Industry | 900 employees


Misalignment eligible 401k earnings that were not included in the 401k deferments from 2013 thru 2020. A report was needed to provide corrections to the 401k provider.  Also, data was provided to reconcile the contributions and potential 401k earnings for employees. Extremely complex data manipulation.



The NOLA Group provided us with reports for each person, for each pay period for each year, total of 7 years. The NOLA Group also provided the Final Excel File with the Amount of missed Contributions (EE & ER Match) for Lumber Liquidators to accrue the liability. The NOLA Group spun off a Phase II that will provide us with the EE details to allow us to fund the EE 401k.


NOLA has a very professional team that makes something that I find complicated very easy and understandable. They have done a great job for us. Their consultants are a wonderful team to work with. They’re very thorough and want to make sure that the job is complete and accurate. A pleasure to work with.