EDF Renewables

Renewable Energy Industry | 900 employees


EDF Renewables has employees in Canada and the US and requested an optimization on their Dayforce system.  We reached out to The NOLA Group to provide recommendations for improvement because everyone involved with the implementation system was no longer with the company. We are thrilled with the support we have received from The NOLA Group.  We have been able to close out items that had been open for months prior and it has been helpful to have the team confirm our existing configuration and identify gaps.



We completed an audit of their system and shared results in our initial client discovery session.  We broke into smaller working groups to handle workflows/forms, reporting, benefits, payroll, recruiting/onboarding, etc. that were a quick fix and/or required more work to align with best practices.  For example, we moved their Canadian employees into the benefits section to help improve employee/new hire experiences and automate the process for HR.  We also cleaned up their payroll configuration to reduce manual processes.


Everyone is also good about explaining things – instead of just saying “it doesn’t work like that” the team always explains why and provides another option. We have positive feedback for the whole team but specifically, their senior consultants have been tremendous, and we love working with them.  They are intelligent, supportive, and responsive – all key things when working with a third-party. We look forward to the outcome of our existing projects with the team and a few new upcoming things in this new year!