Bracco Diagnostic

Pharmaceutical Industry | 350 employees


We had our hourly employees on a semi-monthly payroll schedule, and we were finding multiple issues arising with their paychecks and were always reconciling and calculating pay sometimes manually. We reached out to Ceridian support to get some help and our client manager recommended the NOLA group. He said, “NOLA would be honest with you and let you know what needs to be done to resolve this issue”. No other vendor could even understand the problem.



After speaking with NOLA, not only did they understand the problem, but they also knew how to fix it, had experience with the situation in the past and offered us a solution with a very well detailed plan for execution. The resources that were provided were a perfect match for our team and always equipped for any task. The plan was executed perfectly. Our Paychecks and HRIS system was given a new meaning at Bracco!


  • Projects are well articulated and executed
  • Very highly valued partnership and collaboration